8 Times When Jr NTR Set The Screen On Fire With His Dialogues

8 Times When Jr NTR Set The Screen On Fire With His Dialogues

12 Dec 18 @ 10:38 AM | By Satya

Jr NTR is undoubtedly the best among the young heroes of Tollywood when it comes to dialogue delivery. Very few actors can match his perfection in dialogue delivery. His command over Telugu language, his fluency and diction, the base in his voice made him the best in dialogue delivery. Be it a comedy scene or an action scene, be it a mythological movie or an action entertainer, be it a punch dialogue or a thought-provoking dialogue he completely nails his part as a performer. Let's look at 8 popular Jr NTR dialogues of that set the screen on fire. 

  1. Jr NTR Dialogues In Jai Lava Kusa

    In one of the powerful scenes in Jai Lava Kusa, NTR delivers one more monologue and nails it as expected.

    Dialogue - "Dasakantha Dasagriva Dasonmukudu Suralokadhinetha Asurula Chakravarthi, Lankadhipathi Ee Ravanasurudu"

  2. Jr NTR Dialogues In Janatha Garage

    A Simple scene which was enhanced with the right amount of emotion just because of NTR's dialogue delivery. The way he speaks to the officers in a gentle way or the way he ends the scene with a powerful dialogue shows that he can handle both the extremes with ease. Here is a glimpse from Janatha Garage dialogues.

    Dialogue - "Balavanthudu balaheenudini bhayapetti brathakadam aanavaayithi ne, but for a change aa balaheenudi pakkana kuda oka balam undi, JANATHA GARAGE!"

  3. Jr NTR Dialogues In Temper

    Temper wouldn't have been a hit without NTR's supreme dialogue delivery in the court scene. He just completely owned the character of Daya and made the court scene as one of the best scenes in his career. Temper dialogues stole the audience heart, have a look..

    Dialogue - "Deniki sir bhayam? Em chestaru meeru mahaa ayithe life estharu. Ee court kakapothe inko court sir, vanda section lu unnay vandha fitting lu unnay".

  4. Jr NTR Dialogues In Baadshah

    A scene which proved that he can mesmerize us with his dialogue delivery in comedy scenes. The way he delivers the dialogue with proper flow and maintains his facial expression is pure bliss.

    Dialogue - "Nene kadu Dasu, asalu ee Saira Bhanu lanti dakotala valla desham lo boys andaru suffer avtunnaru, asalu idi bommarillu release ki kalisi, love failure 50 days ki vidipokapothe naa life antha Happy Days ye".

  5. Jr NTR Dialogues In Oosaravelli

    Even simple dialogue creates a huge impact when NTR Jr. says it. A classic example of this statement is this electrifying scene from Oosaravelli. The attitude with which he says dialogues in this scene is a treat to watch. It is said to be one of the best punch dialogues of Jr NTR.

    Dialogue - "Salaam wa alaikum Irfan Bhai! Pehchana nahin? Ajju, Ajju Bhai! Suit u Boot U esi sofa lo kurchopedithe Irfan aypothadentra, ye drama company nundi pattukoccharra eedini? Eedu Irfan aythe nenu Laden Bin Laden". 

  6. Jr NTR Dialogues In Adhurs

    Though there is no lengthy Jr NTR dialogue in this movie, he impressed everyone with his impeccable dialogue delivery. He spoke the Brahmin slang with utmost perfection.

    Dialogue -  "Evite padundedi, manandaram kalisi padatham, veeliddaru maamulu ladies kadu telusa, maa guruvu garini saantham naakesaru, ee suryakantham garythe mareenu".

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  8. Jr NTR Dialogues In Yamadonga

    We can't get a proper adjective to praise NTR Jr.'s dialogue delivery in this scene. Facing a senior actor like Mohan Babu, the then 24 year old actor, NTR Jr. managed to overshadow him completely because of his magnificent delivery of 'Emantivi Emantivi' dialogue. This scene will remain as one of the best scenes in Tollywood's history. The best one on this list for sure.

    Dialogue - "Emantivi emantivi? Manava jaathi neechama? Entha maata, entha maata? Vytharini varaku ventadi vedinchi muppu thippalu petti mee dharma suthramulanu manta galipi pathi pranalanu dakkinchukunna naari mani Savitri di ye jaathi?"  

  9. Jr NTR Dialogues In Rakhee

    Speaking about the Indian Railways' statistics, not even once did he miss his flow. The best thing about this scene is we don't see a star hero in him, but we see a middle class boy Rama Krishna whose family works in Indian Railways.

    Dialogue - "After all enti sir, after all kadu sir, bharatha desham lo rojuki oka koti yabhai lakshala mandi maa railways lo prayaanisthunnaru sir..."

  10. Jr NTR Dialogues In Narasimhudu

    A 1 minute length non stop dialogue in which speaks about farmers. Probably the only best thing about Narasimhudu movie. The way he delivers such a lengthy dialogue with perfect timing and without losing the meaning must be appreciated.

    Dialogue - "Reyi anaka, pagalu anaka, enda anaka, vaana anaka, vagu anaka, varada anaka, rai anaka, rappa anaka, dummu anaka, dubbu anaka..."