7 Pawan Kalyan Songs That Reflect His Ideology

7 Pawan Kalyan Songs That Reflect His Ideology

3 Apr 19 @ 6:28 PM | By Srinivas Kondra

When you dig up and look at Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s acting career, we may come to a conclusion that he’s a mass entertainer and most of his movies are crowd-pullers. But, if you take out few more minutes and observe a little closely, along with pleasing his huge fan following, this influential star has always tried to slip in his thoughts for a better society in his movies. They especially reflect in his songs. His association with revolutionary writers like Gaddar and Masterji invariably makes him choose at least one song that portrays his ideology. The song either mocks the current system, encourages the youth to be upright or explains Power Star's love for our country. You can witness what all we tried to put forth by watching these 7 songs from Pawan Kalyan movies. Take a look.

  1. Le Le Lele From Gudumba Shankar (2004)

    Without a shadow of a doubt, we can say that this song from Gudumba Shankar perfectly sums up Pawan Kalyan’s life style and his vision. Verses like Chirugaalai Nuvvundali, Godugalle Paricheyyaali and Neeralle Paarali Andari Daaham Teerchali reflect his approach towards life. And lines like Bratukundee Chaavundi - Chachedaaka Bratukundi, Chachaka Bratikelaaga Bratakaale tell us his basic philosophy.

  2. I am an Indian from Badri (2000)

    Transforming slogans like I am an Indian and Proud to be an Indian into a blazing song about our country, this one from Badri teaches us lessons that must be learned. While the first stanza fills you with the oneness of being an Indian irrespective of where you’re born, the second one sheds light on what all we have to do to fight against evils that are destructing our country. This might be one of the few Telugu songs that have both Hindi and English lyrics.

  3. Ye Mera Jahan from Khushi (2001)

    Completely written in Hindi by popular Bollywood writer Abbas Tyrewalla, this one is one of the instant hit songs of Pawan Kalyan. Mani Sharma’s energetic music complements Power Star’s unique gestures and his arresting personality. You must carefully listen to his speech with youth and little kids that come in the middle of the song. 

  4. Naaraz Kaakura from Johnny (2003)

    Written by Pawan Kalyan’s close associate Masterji, Naaraz Kaakura from Johnny points out communal issues we generally face in our country. It tries to draw examples of Hindu - Muslim unity from history and warns us not to get carried away by some statements of politicians. It puts humanity above religion.

  5. Inthe Inthinte from Balu ABCDEFG (2005)

    This is one of the meaningful songs written by Chandrabose. It talks about human abilities and where all you can reach if you put them in practice. Interestingly, the second stanza (Desaanni Shokam Nunchi Cheekatani Nunchi Rakshinche Sainikudavvaali) perfectly suits Pawan Kalyan’s present vision to lead the people for a better society.

  6. Chalore Chalore Chal from Jalsa (2008)

    Although the song begins with making a comment on Naxal movement (Champanide bathakavani bratikenduku champamani namminche adivini adigemlabam brathuke kaaradavi), it primarily questions about our paths and goals. It also talks about how you can choose who you want to be (Ramudila Edagagalam Rakshasulanu Minchagalam). It is all about the fight within yourself. 

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  8. Taladinchuku Bratukutaave from Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu (2012)

    Almost sounding like Sri Sri’s revolutionary poem, this song makes us look at our shameful indifference towards wrong doings in the society. It broadly talks about how the nation as a whole and you as an individual are not two different entities but one. It encourages us not to be cowards but, to bravely question everything, when the justice is at stake.