7 Must Watch Bengali Movies For The Hardcore Sports Fan In You

7 Must Watch Bengali Movies For The Hardcore Sports Fan In You

23 Nov 17 @ 7:44 PM

For a state that has made India proud in the game of Football and given Indian Cricket team Sourav Ganguly, one of the finest captains and Cricketers of this era, Tollywood has failed to produce a satisfying number of sports movies. Yet, there are some brilliant exceptions, films like Parambrata Chatterjee's 'Lorai', Prosenjit starrer 'Chalo Paltai', or Soumitra Chatterjee starrer unforgettable 'Koni' have amazed as well as motivated us in many ways. The fun-filled films hinting towards Bong obsession with Football are also part of our culture. Here we list seven Bengali sport-movies that will rediscover the passionate sportsman side hidden in you.

  1. Lorai (2015)

    Directed by Parambrata Chatterjee 'Lorai' is another movie on the classic theme of the rise of the dark horses. Sebastian Ryan, an alcoholic ex-footballer is sent to a politically disturbed village of Purulia district by the government to engage the youth of the area with Football. Later, the same authority, i.e. the sports minister tries to scrap the project, which doesn't go well with Ryan. Now, his team must perform well in the match against Kolkata Ekadosh to retain the project.
  2. Egaro: The Immortal XI (2011)

    29th July, 1911 became a red letter day in the history of Indian football when Bengal's Mohun Bagan club won against East Yorkshire Regiment. This is the first time any Indian team won the IFA shield. Among the eleven footballers of Mohun Bagan, ten of them played the entire tournament as well as the final match barefooted against the British sportsmen with better facilities. The movie 'Egaro' narrates the story of the match and the legendary footballers who redefined patriotism in the era of the Swadeshi movement.
  3. Chalo Paltai (2011)

    'Chalo Paltai' revolves around an aspiring cricketer and his father Subhomoy who, being an ordinary middle class man wouldn't understand his kid's passion for Cricket and coerce him to improve his grades. One day, the father-son clash goes wrong and the young cricketer lands up in the hospital. This changed Subhomoy's views towards the world and the film ends on a positive note as he manages to convince the C.M for reconsidering the education system. His son makes a comeback as a cricketer with a century on his debut match.

    Chalo Paltai (2011)
    Chalo Paltai (2011)
  4. Kony (1986)

    Based on the novel written by Moti Nandi, 'Kony' is a National Award winning and inspiring movie stating the story of an underprivileged swimmer Koni, who emerges as a force to recon with challenging poverty, politics, social stigmas, and other barriers that come her way. 'Koni' is also a tale of the struggle of Khidda, the swimming coach, who spots the talented girl in a slum and coaches her to win the National Swimming Championship against all odds. The movie has been considered as an ideal example of coach and player relationship.
  5. Saheb (1981)

    'Saheb' is a heart-wrenching, tragic tale of a gifted young footballer who despite of being weak in studies exhibits great talent as a player. While almost the entire family except his sister in law would not support the young chap, Saheb keeps following his passion and gets selected for the national team. But, before he could set out for Delhi, he finds out that his family needs money for his sister’s marriage and plans to generate the fund by sacrificing his career.
  6. Mohanbaganer Meye (1976)

    'Mohanbaganer Meye' is a light-hearted romantic comedy established in the never-ending fight between the supporters of Bengal's two iconic football club - Mohonbagan and East Bengal. An ardent fan of Mohanbagan, Utpal Dutt has only one condition for his son's match making, the girl has to belong to a Mohonbagan supporting family. However, the boy fealls for a devoted East Bengal fan. Though, the movie is not a hardcore sports movie, it gives us an elaborate picture of Bengal's football craze.
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  8. Dhanyee Meye (1971)

    In the land where football is an obsession, Uttam Kumar plays a middle-aged man whose day starts and ends with football. As an owner of a football club, he sees nothing but the champion's trophy. However, the owner of the enemy club is also determined to win the match at any cost. The match itself becomes a fun filled event when Uttam Kumar's club scores ten goals in one match. Angry villagers interfere and things take a hilarious turn from there. 'Dhanyee Meye' gave us 'Sob Khelar Shera', the beloved football anthem we love to hum.
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