11 Rahul Sipligunj Songs That Are Ek Dum Teenmaar Numbers

11 Rahul Sipligunj Songs That Are Ek Dum Teenmaar Numbers

13 Dec 18 @ 10:24 AM | By Srinivas Kondra

Rahul Sipligunj is one such singer from Telangana who blends folk with contemporary music and creates electrifying songs. To put it frankly, more than his film songs, this talented youngster is known for private music videos which have been creating a sensation on YouTube. Sung in pucca Telangana slang, every song from Rahul’s rustic voice would easily top your playlist. Be it Poor Boy or Maakkikirkiri, most of his songs fit in every situation of our life. Take a look at 10 such Bombhat mass songs of Rahul Sipligunj below.

  1. Rahul Sipligunj Dawath Video Song

    Rahul Sipligunj Dawat is a peppy number sung by him with the same energy he had shown in his previous songs. Rahul Spiligunj wrote, composed and sung Dawath. In this song, he is asking a girl to come for Dawath. The song was released in October 2017. With its funky lyrics and grumpy visuals, this song will make you tap your foot while listening to it

  2. Galli Ka Ganesh Song by Rahul Sipligunj

    Galli ka Ganesh is a song of celebration. Written about how youngsters in Hyderabad love celebrating Ganesh Chathurthi and the happy mood this festival brings on, Galli Ka Ganesh song released in 2016 and within a short period attracted several eyeballs. Music director Koti featured in the song.

  3. Poor Boy music video by Rahul Sipligunj

    Poor Boy is one of the popular songs written, sung and composed by Rahul Simpligunj. Written in pakka Telangana colloquial language, the song talks an youngster's outcry when girl betrays him for he's utterly poor. 

  4. Rahul Sipligunj Enduke Video Song

    Enduke is another song by Rahul Sipligunj which garnered plenty of attention for its quirky lyrics.

  5. Maikam

    Sounding like a typical Telugu romantic song yet having its own style, Maikam has been composed and sung by Rahul Sipligunj. The lyrics have been written by Chandini Duvvuri. 

  6. Em Maayalo

    Em Mayalo, music video by Rahul Sipligunj captures how a guide falls in love a tourist in Goa. Shot in the beautiful locations, more than a private song, it looks a well-made movie song of a popular star.

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  8. Poinavaa

    Poinavaa is a heart-wrenching melody from Rahul Sipligunj which talks about the pain of a heartbroken guy who got cheated by his girlfriend.

  9. Doorame music video by Rahul Sipligunj

    Doorame, composed and sung by Rahul Sipligunj came out in 2017. Lyrics and tune, everything is entirely different from all other songs done by the talented Rahul. The song which talks about through how much pain one goes if his or her beloved is no more.

  10. Magajaathi

    Magajathi, which starts off like a pub song traces the problems boys face when they are in love. Although it sounds like a masculinity-worship number, deep down, it is just a fun song with much funnier lyrics which focus on real money problems youngsters because of their girlfriends.

  11. Managamma

    Unlike most of his songs, Rahul Sipligunj set this song Mangamma a village. This is a teasing number featuring ‘Bigg Boss’ fame Diksha Panth opposite Rahul.

  12. Maakkikirkiri music video

    Makkikirkiri is a jabardasth upbeat song composed by Rahul Sipligunj. Featuring actor, composer, and singer Noel Sean, the song is a pucca teenmar number which can be played at every wedding ceremony.