5 Popular Malayalam Actresses Who Remain Unmarried

5 Popular Malayalam Actresses Who Remain Unmarried

22 Dec 16 @ 3:19 PM | By Aamir Hamza

Age is probably just a number. These six actresses has rocked their fields and established themselves as prominent figures in film and television. For a typical Keralite it does pose as a question, why these actresses remain unmarried. Yes, it is their personal choice and it should not be questioned by anyone. Anyway, here are five of those incredibly popular unmarried mallu actress.

  • Shobana

    Sobhana is the niece of legendary artist trio – Travancore Sisters and has made a name for herself as one of the best actresses Malayalam has ever seen. She was romantically linked to Superstar Mohanlal and cricketer Anil Kumble many times and Shobana's marriage had been on of the main stories for paparazzi in 1980s and 90s. About getting married the actress had once said, ‘I am not against marriage institution at any cost but, I haven’t found the time for it amidst my busy schedule.You know i am always busy with my dance stuffs. Maybe I haven’t spotted the right guy. And for that matter, I have seen only a few marriages that really work. That can also be one the reasons.”. The actress adopted a baby girl in 2010.

  • Lakshmi Gopalaswamy

    Actress and dancer, Lakshmi Gopalaswamy is a Kannadiga who is most famous for her role in Malayalam films. She made her debut with ‘Arayannangalude Veedu’ and is famous for her performances in films like ‘Keerthi Chakra’, ‘Paradesi’ etc. The 43-year-old actress once said that she is seriously thinking about tying the knot but till now there hasn't been any news with the headline Lakshmi Gopalaswamy marriage. 

    Lakshmi Gopalaswamy
    Lakshmi Gopalaswamy
  • Ranjini Haridas

    Ranjini is a popular television anchor, who shot to fame through her inimitable accent and style of presentation. Her way of presentation became so popular that impressionists used include her impression in their skits. The 32 year old anchor and actress has never married and says that she lost her faith in men. She is hopeful though and had once said that she can’t tell that she would never get married, hopefully someday. But now, Ranjini Haridas marriage news has become something that has a very distant chance of becoming a reality. 

  • Sangeetha Mohan

    Popular TV and film actress Sangeetha Mohan is someone who has been there for a long time with her presence in popular media. The actress’ career was laden with many controversies and was linked with many of her co-stars. Though she had been in news many a time, Sangeetha Mohan marriage had never been a news, till now.

  • Maya Vishwanath

    Film and television actress Maya Vishwanath is a household name due to TV soaps. The actress thinks that marriage is a license to have sex. Moreover, she believes that if two people find each other attractive, there is no need for tying the knot. Through marriage, people are putting an end to their own freedom, says Maya. It seems like, paparazzi won't ever get a chance to put the title Maya Vishwanath marriage to a news.

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