5 Reasons Why Rajendra Prasad Is A Gifted Actor

5 Reasons Why Rajendra Prasad Is A Gifted Actor

5 Mar 18 @ 8:14 PM | By Sai

Rajendra Prasad – The name itself speaks volumes of the actor. Born in the same house as that of the late legendary actor, Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, little did that kid know he would become one of the iconic actors in the vibrant industry of Telugu cinema. It is believed that out of all the navarasas in acting, the most difficult one is the Hasya Rasa. And acing that genre carving a niche for himself in the Telugu Film industry is nothing less than an act of being legendary. We can proudly say that he is finest comic actor ever produced in Telugu cinema. But, ever wondered what makes this man, a legend? Possibly if we take a look into these reasons, we might have a rough idea.

  1. Firstly his Comic Timing & Mannerisms

    Ofcourse, without a proper timing, even the most well written joke might land flat on its face. Without any doubt Rajendra Prasad had an impeccable comic timing. For example, his phrases especially from the movie 'Aa Okkati Adakku Rao' like Peekavule…Aaku! or Pisikavle.. Peyda! are just some of the gems. And the icing to those phrase or dialogues are his unique mannerisms, each of which trigger a giggle on your face. Just one word, epic!

  2. Stuck To What He Is Best

    Rajendra Prasad was not just an actor who accepted any and every role that came his way. To survive in a field like cinema, one requires uniqueness. Which means he or she needs to identify what they are best at and also stand out in that. Rajendra Prasad was smart enough to identify his genre and complete conquered the comic genre as the lead. Even after he went down on opportunities he chose those roles in which he could completely excel. Even till date, we haven’t found anyone who is even close to this legend.

  3. Smart Choice Of Roles

    Rajendra Prasad chose roles that every middle class or for that sake every individual could relate to. Be it Sundaram from 'Ladies Tailor', Chitti Babu from 'Aa Okkati Adakku' or Balaji from 'Mister Pellam', he never went overboard doing larger than life characters. It looked like his only aim was to entertain the audience in the best possible way. And he completely nailed it catching the pulse of the audience.

  4. Successful Combinations

    There were a bunch of writers and directors who exclusively wanted to cast only Rajendra Prasad for some of their stories. With likes of Relnagi Narasimha Rao, Jandhyala, EVV Satyanarayana or Vamsi, Rajendra Prasad had an excellent chemistry and the movies they came out with were of sheer brilliance. The biggest achievement of these combinations were that they had ‘repeated’ audience. People would come back time and again for his movies. Their movies have become classics for the present generation.

    EVV, Jandhyala & Vamsi
    EVV, Jandhyala & Vamsi Google
  5. Versatility

    You cannot remove this feature from the actor in Rajendra Prasad. If you think he was only a comic actor, you might be the last fool in the Telugu states. Rajendra Prasad evolved with cinema and time. From comic, villain to serious roles, he blended himself in every possible character given to him and aced it without any difficult.

Rajendra Prasad
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