5 Controversies That Plagued ‘Baahubali 2’ After & Before Its Release

5 Controversies That Plagued ‘Baahubali 2’ After & Before Its Release

23 Nov 17 @ 7:38 PM | By Srinivas Kondra

Baahubali is not a regional cinema anymore as it has been acknowledged as a global success. Across the nation, people are claiming it as ‘The Indian Pride’. While its box-office collections are smashing all the previous records with every passing day, the film like other biggies too had been plagued by its share of controversies before and after its release. The controversies around this magnum opus have made headlines, be it actor Sathyaraj’s statement or the caste controversy. Here we try to bring an account of all those major controversies that ‘Baahubali 2’ got embroiled in. Take a look at it a little closely.

  • 1. Sathyaraj's (Kattappa) controversial speech on Cauvery issue

    Nobody, neither the team members of ‘Baahubali’ nor the commoners who have been waiting for the film release, might have thought that Cauvery water issue would suddenly surface all over the newspapers. Actor Sathyaraj, who played the prominent ‘Kattappa’ character in the film, was targeted for his controversial speech he made a decade ago regarding the aforementioned issue against Kannadigas. However, the actor eventually pacified everyone by his much demanded and well-appreciated apology. The film was released without any further hindrances in Karnataka state. 

  • 2. ‘Katika Cheekati’ dialogue by Kattappa in the film

    There have been several instances in our country where the films were severely criticised pertaining to caste and religion. Once again, Baahubali stirred up one such controversy. Arekatika Porata Samithi, an organisation of butchers who provide meat in Hyderabad have lodged a complaint against the film. They stated that they were offended by a scene where Kattappa says ‘Katika Cheekati’ as it demeans their ‘Katika’ caste. 

    Kattappa Pycker
  • 3. Glorification of caste hierarchy

    Yes, this is the most talked about point among the intelligentsia now. Many columnists, university professors and film analysts have been raising the issue of hierarchal caste-glorification that the film boasts of. They primarily accused that the film is filled with caste supremacy which time and again attempts to put the Kshatriya community up the ladder. Director Rajamouli was also severely criticised for his understanding of the Indian caste system, which is revealed through his 2012 Facebook post which emerged out of nowhere. 

  • 4. Rift between two distribution companies in Tamil Nadu

    To get into details, film producer Shobhu had given the TN distribution rights to a company called ‘K Productions’ and the production house sold them to another film distributing firm ‘Sri Green Distributing Company’. The financial rift between these two houses led to the cancellation of early morning shows in Tamil Nadu. Thousands of audience have protested in front of theatres for hours. The issue was resolved, and thankfully, the shows began at 11 am on the same day of the film’s release. 

    Baahubali TN distributing
    Baahubali TN distributing pycker
  • 5. Fight between multiplex operators and distributors

    God’s Own Country Kerala has also joined Baahubali controversies. According to the reports, there was a huge fight between Multiplex operators and distributors even before ‘Baahuabli’ hit the screens. Kerala distributor, Gurumedia Company has demanded a higher share of revenue from the 1st and 2nd week of its release from Multiplex operators. Multiplex operators have refused to budge and said that they would not play the film unless and until the issue is solved. However, like every other issue, this was also sorted out eventually. 

    Baahubali 2 Poster
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