4 Must-Watch Heavenly Weddings Of The Mega Family

4 Must-Watch Heavenly Weddings Of The Mega Family

14 Dec 20 @ 3:49 PM | By Vamsee Ajjampudi

'Marriages are made in heaven', it looks like that family members of the Mega family have taken this quite seriously for all their recent weddings were quite stellar. Srija's marriage being the latest was conducted in the grandest manner possible. The wedding was quite energetic and the blessed pair looked made for each other. Looking back, from Sushmitha's wedding to Srija's betrothal, every marriage was conducted in such a royal manner that even we wish our marriages would happen in that fashion. To show how seriously the Chiru family takes their wedding ceremonies, we've compiled a list of videos which show how grand a betrothal can be. Here take a look at the Mega family marriage videos and see the grandeur quotient they have attached to it.

  • Niharika's Wedding

    The wedding of Mega Princess Niharika Konidela is nothing but a dreamy royal event held at Udaipur palace. Niharika got married to Hyderabad-based techie Chaitanya JV on 9th December 2020. The wedding was an arranged marriage, and none other than Mega Star Chiranjeevi fixed the alliance. Both Niharika and Chaitanya looked perfect together. The wedding was held after a grand and joyful pre-wedding bash - Haldi, Mehandi, Sangeeth events.

  • Srija's Wedding

    All the emotions were encompassed in this wedding video. The bride was all smiles throughout this video and the groom looked like he as handsome as a film hero. The dance of family members and holy ceremony contrast perfectly. Plus, the some of the frames which were captured in slow-motion added depth to this ceremony.

  • Ram Charan Tej's Marriage

    Ram Charan married his childhood sweetheart Upasana. However, he obtained his father's blessings before he did so. The marriage was quite a heart-warming affair for the both bride & groom were all smiles and everyone in this video were quite happy. Post-marriage, Charan has time & again revealed that he cherishes his wife.
  • Allu Arjun's Betrothal

    Contrary to love marriage rumours, Allu Arjun's marriage was a arranged one for he himself revealed this fact. His parents thought that Sneha would make a fine wife for their son and arranged the wedding. Bunny, who was sporting long locks for his marriage, was looking cheerful and the wedding was quite a stylish affair. The temple set was visually appealing. Three years after the wedding, the couple were blessed with a son, Ayaan.

  • Sushmitha's Wedlock

    The marriage of the first daughter of Chiranjeevi was nothing short of a grand affair for the mandapam looked more like a filmset than as typical a mandap which we would most probably opt for. Every prominent figure, including political bigwig Chandrababu Naidu, attended the betrothal.
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