Watch 16 Best Movies Of Kodi Ramakrishna With Best of Tollywood Stars

Watch 16 Best Movies Of Kodi Ramakrishna With Best of Tollywood Stars

23 Jul 20 @ 4:31 PM | By GitacharYa

Kodi Ramakrishna is one of the most innovative filmmakers in Telugu. Apart from the traditional strengths like emotional and dramatic narration, he always updated his taking and shot-making unlike some of his contemporaries and reinvented himself. That’s why the man who started with small budget films which are dependent on story and the performances of the actors became the brand ambassador for high budget and visual effects filled films. Think of Rajamouli before Rajamouli.

He introduced computer graphics (CGI) and other modern day visual effects to Telugu Cinema in the mid 1990s (with the film - Ammoru) when they are still in their nascent stage in Hollywood too. Of course, budgetary limitations are apparent though. If we just go back 4 years in a time machine, James Cameron’s Terminator 2 wasn’t made - that film was known as the biggest breakthrough for CGI. Jurassic Park wasn’t even in pre-production. Ammoru went on to become a huge blockbuster and established Soundarya (who played devotee) and Ramya Krishnan (who played the goddess - Ammoru) as top heroines in Telugu Film Industry.

If this is the testament for his ability to create stars, he has the record of giving career turning roles for many actors. The now Angry Star Rajasekhar become Ankusham Rajasekhar and a care of address for police roles thanks to Kodi Ramakrishna. If it’s A. Kodandarami Reddy for Chiranjeevi, it is Kodi Ramakrishna for Balakrishna. They both delivered several iconic hits.

As late as 2009, Anushka Shetty became what she’s now with Arundhati directed by Kodi Ramakrishna. Star producers like M. S. Raju and M. S. Reddy (later his son Shyam Prasad Reddy) formed successful combinations with him and made consecutive movies. Industry leading graphic works in Magadheera and Baahubali were possible because of Ramakrishna’s first steps. He’s a pioneer.

So, rather than just picking a list of his best films, here were presenting the best movies of Kodi Ramakrishna with each of 16 Tollywood stars. Just watch and marvel at the skills of master of screenplay.

16 Best Movies Of Kodi Ramakrishna With Best of Tollywood Stars
S.No Actor Name Movie Title
1 Rajasekhar Ankusham 
2 Chiranjeevi Intlo Ramayya Veedhilo Krishnayya
3 Balakrishna Muddula Mamayya
4 Arjun Maa Palle Gopaludu
5 Vadde Naveen Pelli
6 Anushka Arundhati
7 Soundarya Ammoru
8 Ramya Krishnan Ammoru
9 Superstar Krishna Goodhachari 117
10 Venkatesh Shatruvu
11 Vijayashanthi Police Lockup
12 Jagapathi Babu Dongaata
13 Prema Devi
14 Vinod Kumar Bharath Bandh
15 Suman 20va Shatabdam
16 Srikanth Madhuranagarilo
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