15 On Screen Sport Coaches Who Inspired Us To Take Up The Game

15 On Screen Sport Coaches Who Inspired Us To Take Up The Game

26 Jun 18 @ 12:08 PM | By Ravi

There have been a whole lot of sports flick releasing off late of which some have been biopics based on real sports stars and some fictional. No doubt the sport of cricket has taken centre-stage compared to other sports on screen but the fact remains, be it individual or team game the film has to inspire and entertain the audiences. At the end the protagonist does walk away with all the accolades whereas the coach is most often forgotten who remains the unsung hero, happy and delighted that his disciple has finally brought glory to the nation. We look at 15 such actors who played the role of a coach who’ve inspired individuals as well as teams to take up the sport.

  • Akshay Kumar - Gold (2018)

    Akshay Kumar plays the role of hockey manager and coach Tapam Das in this film which is inspired by true events. His character wants to see India win an Olympic gold medal after India's independence from the British rule. Tapan struggles for 12 long years to see his dream turn into reality and delivers a powerful monologue that will not only inspire you but will also make you proud to be an Indian. 

    Akshay Kumar - Gold
    Akshay Kumar - Gold
  • Aamir Khan – Dangal (2016)

    The much awaited biopic of the year 2016; ‘Dangal’ too tells the story of a father wrestler who coaches his daughters who bring glory to India. Aamir Khan plays former wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat in the film who coaches and trains his two daughters in wrestling who go on to win gold and silver medals at the Commonwealth Games in 2010.

  • Manoj Bajpayee – Budhia Singh: Born To Run (2016)

    Actor Manoj Bajpayee played coach Biranchi Das in this biopic which was based on the wonder kid marathon runner from Odisha, Budhia Singh. Manoj Bajpayee as Budhia’s coach was inspirational who spots the latter’s talent and supports, nurtures and pushes him to achieve his goals in life. A must watch film for every sports lover.
  • Kumud Mishra – Sultan (2016)

    Being a Salman Khan film coach Barkat Hussain who coaches Sultan in wrestling might have been overshadowed but stood his ground as Aarfa’s happy go lucky father. Played by Kumud Mishra, the coach didn’t go unnoticed who gets due credit for Sultan’s success and the reunion with his wife, Aarfa somewhere down the line.
  • Madhavan – Saala Khadoos (2016)

    In this Sudha Kongra Prasad directorial sport-drama, R. Madhavan plays a disgraced boxer turned coach who spots a poor girl with raw talent who he trains in boxing to win a major championship. Ritika Singh plays the female boxer on screen who helps her coach regain his lost glory and honour. Some of coach Madhavan’s hard hitting dialogues remain the highlight of the film.
  • Sunil Thapa – Mary Kom (2013)

    The man behind making boxer Mary Kom a world champion. Actor Sunil Thapa who played Narjit Singh, the coach of Olympic medallist Mary Kom in the biopic was so inspirational that he made Mary Kom believe in herself to become a world champion. The coach’s role in prompting her to take up the sport despite her father's disapproval formed the crux of the biopic without which a great talent would’ve gone untapped.
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  • Yograj Singh – Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013)

    One of Bollywood’s better-known​ biopics which was based on India’s ‘Flying Sikh’, Milkha Singh played by Farhan Akhtar. Yograj Singh as Ranveer Singh, Milkha's coach was instrumental in training and making Milkha Singh a legend in athletics. Yograj Singh as a ruthless and hard core trainer was very well portrayed on screen whose presence wasn’t overshadowed by that of Farhan.
  • Sushant Singh Rajput – Kai Po Che! (2013)

    A male bonding film based on Chetan Bhagat’s novel, ‘The 3 Mistakes of My Life’ which had three friends opening a sports shop and a cricket academy to train young talent. Sushant Singh Rajput who plays Ishaan Bhatt goes against all odds to convince a local boy and his family to take up cricket. The boy later on grows up to play cricket for India.
  • Boman Irani – Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal (2007)

    Actor Boman Irani played Tony Singh, the football coach who inspires a South Asian community team at South Hall in UK, which comprises of Indians including John Abraham and Arshad Warsi. The scene where Boman during the break of the match narrates the Munich Air Disaster episode and tells the players to play for honour, glory and pride more than themselves, is the highlight of the film.
  • Shah Rukh Khan – Chak De! India (2007)

    One of Shah Rukh’s best performance as Kabir Khan, the women’s hockey team coach in this film remains inspirational to many till date. The coach was the central character who inspires whole lot women hockey players to play for the country not themselves. How he integrates the team and inspires them to play like a unit is amazing. The “Sattar minute hai tumhaare paas…” dialogue remains etched in our minds to date.
  • Dharmendra – Apne (2007)

    Dharmendra plays ex-boxer and coach Baldev Singh Choudhary who coaches his sons to win the world boxing championship. This was the time that actor Dharmendra shared screen space with his two real sons, Sunny and Bobby Deol. The veteran actor outclassed his sons as the coach who goes all out to wash a stain that he had during his boxing career.
  • Sanjay Suri – Say Salaam India (2007)

    This lesser known film which revolved around cricket had Sanjay Suri playing Hari Sadu who coaches a group of four boys who study in a school named, Royal Heritage. The school doesn’t encourage cricket but Hari Sadu takes up the challenge to train the team to win the sixth state championship.
  • Naseeruddin Shah – Iqbal (2005)

    Actor Naseeruddin Shah who plays Mohit, a local drunkard and a former cricketer turned coach who coaches the deaf and mute Iqbal as bowler formed the most heart-warming scenes of this sports-drama. Shreyas Talpade’s act as Iqbal was a ‘once in a life-time’ performance which can inspire any budding cricketer.
  • Suresh Chatwal – Saaheb (1985)

    This lesser known Anil Ganguly film where Anil Kapoor played a goal-keeper of a football club team had Suresh Chatwal playing Somnath, his football coach. The scene when Anil decides to quit the game, his coach takes him to the football stadium and explains the importance of a ‘Goalie’ in the team leaves you with goose bumps.
  • Raj Kiran – Hip Hip Hurray (1984)

    Raj Kiran plays Sandeep Chowdhary who joins a school as a sports instructor as a make shift job. He takes up the job of coaching the school football team which comprises of a bunch spoilt students. How he gets the team to play as a unit and beat the rival school teams to lift the trophy forms the back bone of the film. Prakash Jha’s directorial found not just takers on the then famous video circuit but also garnered critical acclaim.