11 Telugu Stars In Classic Telugu Panchekattu

11 Telugu Stars In Classic Telugu Panchekattu

12 Apr 21 @ 4:32 PM | By GitacharYa

Today is Ugaadi- the most important festival for Telugu people. It is the start of a new year. The arrival of spring. With sprinkles of rains and the songs of cuckoos. The atmosphere turns semi-hostile signifying the fact that summer is right around the corner. And also, Ugaadi and a week later SriRama Navami turn out to be the last of the festival days for about 4 more months.

But as the new year day of the Telugu people, it signifies a new hope and the atmosphere slowly turn perfect for farming, and the arrival of rains alludes to optimism. Classic Telugu Panchekattu with Cotton Dhotis and white coloured cotton Shirts or Lalchis are the perfect way to beat the summer.

When it comes to true Telugu Panchekattu is highlighted by none other than Anna Garu N. T. Rama Rao. His handsome features, symmetric physique in his youth, the vermilion he wears on his face in the form of a vertical line all... a sight to behold. Apart from NTR’s contemporary Akkineni Nageswara Rao, superstar Krishna too aced the style and made the traditional dress both stylish and popular.

Nowadays though Panchekattu went out of reckon in daily life, during festivals, it still remains the traditional dress of choice. As such, our new age stars like Mahesh Babu, Prabhas etc. brought it into the imagination of the movie buffs. But these days this dress is used to elevate mass appeal than proper fashionable or daily wear. But trust us, you can’t get a best dress than Panchakattu to beat summer heat. Here is how our stars of the past and present aced the look.

Jr NTR ANR Balakrishna Mahesh Babu Nagarjuna NTR Pawan Kalyan Prabhas Shoban Babu Krishna Venkatesh
11 Telugu Stars In Classic Telugu Panchekattu
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