10 Worst Films Of Star Heroes Which Are Still Watched In Bits

10 Worst Films Of Star Heroes Which Are Still Watched In Bits

19 Apr 21 @ 3:14 PM | By GitacharYa

There are movies which are generally thought of as the worst in the career of a star actor. Sometimes they may work out partially or later gain cult following for all things positive. But there are movies which are quite forgettable. But it is for those forgettable reasons that the films gain notoriety, and then become part of pop cultural references. Or enter the Memeland as proud memezens (Memeland citizens).

Those particular scenes which were trolled initially become iconic albeit for different reasons. Take, for example, Nata Simha Nandamuri Balakrishna’s (as of now) final movie with mass director B. Gopal, Palnati Brahmanaidu. Some scenes like cock killing a fully grown man, chairs and tables moving when the hero whistles, and the ultimate one - train moving backwards - when the hero slaps his thigh and orders it to.

The same can be said with the snake scene in Vinaya Vidheya Rama in the combination of Ram Charan and Boyapati Srinu. The iconic Eagle scene can be said as one of the most leaked from the theatres bit of all time. Either for fun or to have some good laughs, certain films which have otherwise failed, work out well on YouTube or on small screens. Superstar Mahesh’s Aagadu comedy track is another example. Here are 10 films of our star heroes which are still watched in bits and pieces. 

Aagadu for Mahesh Krishnarjuna Yuddham for Nani Palnati Brahmanaidu for Balakrishna Radha for Sharwanand Vinaya Vidheya Rama for Ram Charan Adrushtam for Tarun Andarivadu & Jai Chiranjeeva for Chiranjeevi Boss & Ragada for Nagarjuna Daruvu for Ravi Teja Gemeni for Venkatesh
10 Worst Films Of Star Heroes Which Are Still Watched In Bits And Pieces


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