13 Best Wedding Songs In Telugu Which Showcase The Beauty Of Marriage

13 Best Wedding Songs In Telugu Which Showcase The Beauty Of Marriage

3 Jun 21 @ 11:11 PM | By Srinivas Kondra

Like any other social institution that has traditionally been followed for years, marriage too has its pros and cons. It begins with celebration and depending on several aspects, takes its own path. To bring back those beautiful moments of the beginning, here we have compiled a list of finest marriage songs from Telugu movies that were picturized on marriage celebration and tell us the very essence of it. While our Telugu directors took special care to shoot these songs musicians and lyricists put in best of their abilities to make it more meaningful. Here, take a look at videos of some of the best wedding songs in Telugu cinema.

  1. Alanaati Ramachandruni (Murari)

    Of all the telugu songs from Krishna Vamsi movies, this song from Murari undoubtedly remains the best. He has successfully recreated the magic of song mentioned above from 1961 film Seetharama Kalyanam giving us flavour of an authentic South Indian Wedding. Although the basic tune was taken from the old song, composer Mani Sharma has given a modern touch to it. It is one of the most played songs in wedding celebrations across Telugu states. 

  2. Sreerasthu Shubhamasthu (Pelli Pusthakam)

    Who doesn’t love this song, right? Arudra’s meaningful lyrics and Baapu’s eye for the detailed portrayal of the wedding ceremony is truly amazing. You can witness Baapu's directorial prowess when the lyric 'Adugaduguna Toli Padamulu Gurtu Chesuko – Tadabadite Porabadite Tappu Didduko' plays. The sync between lines in the background and visuals on the screen is picture perfect. Even till date, this one stands as one of the best Telugu marriage songs ever.

  3. Seetharamula Kalyanam Chuthamu Rarandi (Seetharama Kalyanam)

    The first film to be directed by Nata Sarvabhouma NTR, Seetharama Kalyanam has so many hit songs that are remembered by music lovers till date. One song from the list, Seetharamula Kalyanam Chuthamu Rarandi stands as a wedding-song reference to many contemporary filmmakers. It depicts how magnificently wedlock is being celebrated in our ancient kingdoms. 

  4. Megaallo Sannayiragam Mogindi (SVSC)

    Even though this song from Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu reminds us of Aidu Rojula Pelli from Varudu, it has its own presentation style. With all the traditional wedding rituals this song captures two huge stars from TFI, Venkatesh and Mahesh Babu’s presence and Mickey J Meyer's melodious tune makes it appealing.  

  5. Aidu Rojula Pelli (Varudu)

    This seven-minute song from Allu Arjun starrer Varudu begins with the distribution of invitations to relatives captures all the major events that are significant in a traditional wedding. From typical dance performances by relatives to the crucial Gajaarohana, director Gunasekhar has shown the beauty of Telugu Vivaha Veduka in this song. In the recent times, this is one of best Telugu wedding video songs.  

  6. Kalyana Vaibhogame (Seeta Rama Kalyanam)

    Written by poet Athreya, this one from Seeta Rama Kalyanam starring Balakrishna is also considered to be one of the best wedding songs made in Telugu cinema. Gana Kokila Susheela and SPB rendered it beautifully. Director Jandhayala tries to draw an analogy between Lord Rama-Seeta of the epic Ramayana played by the lead actors of this movie. You can sense it by the way he picturised this song.

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  8. Aakasham Digivachchi (Nuvvu Naaku Nachchav)

    In the age of template driven modern-day wedding ceremonies that happen in huge function halls, this song explains the beauty of traditional marriage celebration. And it also shows how great a lyricist Sitarama Shastri is. In not more than two stanzas, he has precisely described what all can happen in a typical middle-class marriage celebration. 

  9. Rarandoi Veduka Chuddam (Raarandoi Veduka Chuddam )

    A typical Devi Sri Prasad composition is a colourful wedding song from Rarandoi Veduka Chuddam that depicts Telugu wedding in all its glory. Acha Telugu lyrics, beautiful usage of Dhol and Shehnai instruments used in the orchestration will entertain music lovers. Singers Gopika Purnima and Ranjith gave this song soulful rendition.

  10. Kalyanam Vybhogam (Srinivasa Kalyanam)

    The new addition to the best wedding songs list is Kalyanam Vybhogam. This Nithin and Raashi Khanna starring yet to be released 2018 films song is written by Srimani. People can listen to SP Balasubrahmanyam's voice after quite some time in this song. The way MickeyJ Meyer composed music for this song is interesting. Nithin and Rashi Khanna in this cover pic of the video look pretty in traditional clothing for a marriage. People do enjoy this song when there's a marriage around the corner.     

  11. Pellikala Vachesinde Baala (Preminchukundam Raa)

    No kid who was born in the 90s would forget this song from Preminchukundaam Raa. It begins with classical sannaayi raagam and in no time switches to a peppy number indicating the mood of marriage celebration that can work even during a sangeeth or mehendi function. Victory Venkatesh with his signature steps entertains us to the brim in this foot-tapping number. 

  12. Vachindamma (Geetha Govindam)

    Vachindamma from the Vijay Deverakonda starrer Geetha Govindam is a lovely song which makes us long for our soulmate. It has a beautiful tune, soulful rendering and excellent lyrics which make this song take its rightful place among the best of wedding songs in Telugu Cinema. It is a modern song with a trado feel.

  13. Chakkadanala Chukka (Kalyana Vaibhogame)

    Chakkadanala Chukka is a beautiful wedding song composed by Kalyan Koduri for the film Kalyana Vaibhogame. The song is written by Lakshmi Bhupal. Singer Sunitha rendered this soothing song which starts with Marriage mantras. The tune is quite pleasing and the traditional music arrangements compliment the lyrics in a brilliant manner. 

  14. Dharmardha Kamamulalona (Johnny)

    In spite of having only four lines, the song from Pawan Kalyan’s debut directorial Johnny depicts the central idea of marriage. Entirely different from his regular animated tunes, the music director Ramana Gogula has composed a slow-paced song suiting to the situation. It reminds us of the good old days of our favourite celebrity couple, Pawan Kalyan – Renu Desai. 

  15. Yedey Yededey (Sakhi)

    Despite being a dubbed version, this song from Sakhi is one of the favourite wedding numbers for Telugu people. It beautifully captures those cosy smile and joyous glances that are usually exchanged between youngsters at weddings. This song is also considered as one of the best Indian wedding songs picturised beautifully. And it also shows how a marriage ceremony can possibly mark as a beginning for several love stories.

  16. Kalakalalu Kilakilalu (Thammudu)

    Written by one of the gifted lyricists of TFI, Chandrabose, this wedding song depicts how delighted a family can be to invite a new lady into their home. The versatile music composer we have in our industry, Raman Gogula nailed it with a soulful track that is blended with foot-tapping beats. It has perfectly captured the essence of Telugu wedding Hungama.

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