10 Telugu Heroes Who Shined With Few Hits And Then Vanished

10 Telugu Heroes Who Shined With Few Hits And Then Vanished

1 Dec 20 @ 11:54 AM | By GitacharYa

Just like in life, not everyone is capable of achieving sustainable success and stardom in arts and entertainment fields like Cinema. A few of them turn out to be one hit wonders. Others go away without a trace. But there are some others who score a considerably good number of hits before fading away from the scene. The reasons are many. Take, for example, the curious and heartbreaking case of Nandamuri Kalyana Chakravarthy.

After debuting as a handsome young man with good acting skills, with none other than Bhanumathi and her support act in that film, he made himself a name as a family hero. Good looks, family background, competent acting chops and considerable number of successful movies (Attagaru Zindabad, Talambralu, etc.) and ability to don lead and supporting roles at will - all pointed to a highly successful career. But to tend to his ailing father, he left film industry and the depression from which he suffered later due to the untimely death of his father, made him fade away from the scene. But people remember him.

Haranath was pronounced as the biggest star after N. T. Rama Rao and Akkineni Nageswara Rao. But he lost his footing due to his indiscipline, and some machinations by a few in the industry. At one time, for portraying Lord Rama or Lord Krishna, he was the next option to the legend NTR. On the other end of the spectrum was actor Ramakrishna who enjoyed limelight (blockbusters like Nomu, Yashoda Krishna) while it was possible. He wasn’t an exact failure like Haranath was but faded away gracefully due to the arrival of newer generation.

All these people are well loved by the audience. They are not rejected in any way. Only fate and wrong choices spoiled their long career chances. But still people remember them. Here we have listed out 10 such lead actors in Telugu Cinema who shined with a few good hits and then vanished from the scene.

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10 Telugu Heroes Who Shined With Few Hits And Then Vanished


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