10 Tamil Adult movies Which You Shouldn't Watch With Your Parents

10 Tamil Adult movies Which You Shouldn't Watch With Your Parents

26 Jun 18 @ 12:37 PM | By Team Pycker

Tamil Cinema, known for its daring endeavours in experimenting with both content and technical features keeps a low-profile when it comes to movies with sensual and erotic theme and content. The period of soft porn and B Grade movie has changed the perception of the Kollywood movie lovers towards erotic movies and led to a decline in making movies with erotic and sensual content.

The Bharathan-Padmarajan era of Mollywood proved to produce soulful content driven movies that discussed lust, sensuousness, beauty and eroticism but the Kollywood's experiments on such themes fell into a category which is considered to be forbidden. Directors like Samy, Tulasi and Velu Prabhakaran are known for their daring attempts to make movies discussing intense romance, sex, lust and erotic content.

The perception of the audience towards movies that have an A certificate is always a misguided judgement. There was a time when the movies that have been certified with an A or U/A were considered forbidden and those movies shouldn't be watched as they may mislead the younger generation with the sexual and erotic content projected in it and hurt the culture. All these wrong conceptions on movies and the certificates are fading away and the movie buffs look forward to movies with true to life merits. And here we have to discuss certain movies that had integrated sexual content or theme lined with its plot.

We are generally accustomed to watching the so-called family entertainers with parents or family. Sometimes we may watch A-rated movies which are rated so for its violent content. But we cannot watch movies that talk about sexuality and sexual relations with our parents. We feel embarrassed when we accidentally stumble upon sex jokes while watching TV.

Here we have compiled a list of top Tamil Movies with adult and erotic content which are A certified but not to be rejected by movie lovers.