11 Songs Of Rahman-Mani Ratnam Combo That Celebrate The Beauty Of Love

11 Songs Of Rahman-Mani Ratnam Combo That Celebrate The Beauty Of Love

12 Dec 18 @ 3:02 PM | By Srinivas Kondra

The magical music combo A.R. Rahman and Mani Ratnam have been travelling together for 25 years now. Not even a single time they failed to give us everlasting compositions. Be it an intriguing background score or an album full of soulful songs. From Paruvam Vaanaga to Hamsaro, Rahman’s every tune has exponentially enhanced Mani Ratnam’s work. We have here listed 11 such beautiful melodies from the combo. Why don’t you begin your day with this playlist?

  1. Paruvam Vaanaga From Roja

    Sung by SP Balasubramanyam and Sujatha Mohan, this melody from Rahman - Mani Ratnam first collaboration Roja, is beautifully shot in Kashmir. It shows the newly wedded couple enjoying their peaceful life out in the snowy mountains.

  2. Vurike Chilakaa From Bombay

    Said to be one of the greatest compositions by A.R Rahman, Urike Chilaka stands as a favourite song for most music lovers. Mani Ratnam visuals, KS Chitra and Hari Haran’s rendition, took this song to an entirely another level.

  3. Shashivadane Shashivadane From Iddaru

    This melody from controversial political drama Iddaru is a full proof of Rahman’s command over Indian classical music. With the minimal usage of traditional musical instruments, Rahman has indeed created magic with this song. Unnikrishnan and Bombay Jaysree have sung it seamlessly.

  4. Pachchandanamey Pachchadanamey From Sakhi

    This song never gets old. Ever since the film Sakhi released in 2000, people have been madly in love with this song. It celebrates the beauty of love. P.C Sriram’s brilliant photography, Rahman's structured composition and Veturi’s meaningful lyrics made this one as one of the bests from Rahman-Mani Ratnam combo.

  5. Snehithudaa Snehithudaa From Sakhi

    And of course, Snehithudaa Snehithudaa from Sakhi is an all-time romantic number from the duo. Amazingly sung by Sadhana Sargam and lyrics written from the perspective of a woman, we bet no girl listens to this song without thinking about her beloved.

  6. Sankurathri Kodi From Yuva

    Filled with a wonderful chemistry between Meera Jasmin and Madhavan, this number from Yuva is an excellent portrayal of the bitter-sweet relationship of a married couple. Madhu Sree along with Rahman has sung this song.

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  8. Gunjukunnaa From Kadali

    Gunjukunna Ninne Yedaloki from Kadali is another brilliant composition by genius Rahman. Although the film failed miserably at the box office, songs have been immensely adored for their beauty. Especially, Gunjukunna topped the list of melodies Rahman created for the film.

  9. Mental Madhilo From OK Bangaram

    In 2015, A.R Rahman and Mani Ratnam had once again come up with best soundtracks. The very first song Mana Mana Mental Madhilo from the film OK Bangaram was an instant hit among masses. This breezy number is no doubt a best in the entire album.

  10. Allei Allei From Cheliyaa

    This simple yet fresh number from Cheliyaa take us back to the 90s where Rahman created magic with every song he touched upon. Beautifully rendered by Abhay Jodhpurkar with soul-stirring hum by Chinmay in the background, Allei Allei is a pure gold in the Cheliyaa album.

  11. Hamsaro From Cheliyaa

    The first to be released from Cheliyaa album, Hamsaro is another modern peppy number from Rahman. It celebrates the experience of being in love. The Punjabi folk interlude that comes right after the first pallavi elevates the song’s energy. Haricharan, Jonita Gandhi and Arjun Chandy have sung it perfectly right. 

  12. Neeli Kanumallo From Nawab

    Neeli Kanumallo from Nawab is one more masterpiece from the combination of ARR and Mani Ratnam. Nakul Abhyankar has sung this song which has Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry who has done a fantastic job. The song is very soulful with the trademark grandeur composition of ARR.

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