10 Best Non-Comedy Films Of EVV That Are Compulsive Watch

10 Best Non-Comedy Films Of EVV That Are Compulsive Watch

10 Jun 20 @ 2:49 PM | By GitacharYa

The entirety of the 1990s Telugu Cinema was ruled by the trio of S. V. Krishna Reddy, E. V. V. Sathyanarayana and B. Gopal apart from the seniors like K. Raghavendra Rao and Kodi Ramakrishna who continued their superb form. While B. Gopal was more of an action director, it was the former two who are trendsetters.

Though both S. V. Krishna Reddy and E. V. V. Sathyanarayana travelled in similar paths - comedies and family sentiment films or a mixture of both - their films are as different as dusk and dawn. Today is the legend of the 1990s E. V. V.’s 64th birthday. So, a little bit more about him.

E. V. V.’s characters are straight out of society. He used special mannerisms and accents to generate comedy. The best aspect of his films is voyeurism of people is satirically explored in his films. People of colonies take more interest in their neighbours than their own lives. The hypocrisy is exposed with sharp wit and humour. His films like Aame, Chala Bagundi, Prema Khaidi, and Maavidaakulu are social commentary of the times.

As we had already listed out 10 E. V. V. comedies which you’ll watch on a repeat mode, here we’re coming up with 10 best non-comedy films of E. V. V. which are loved by the family audience. And you know what? These films also fall under the category of Repeat Watching.


10 Best Non-Comedy Films Of EVV
S.No  Movie
1 Prema Khaidi
2 Seetharatnam Gari Abbayi
3 Varasudu
4 Abbaigaru
5 Aame 
6 Aayanaku Iddaru
7 Maa Nannaku Pelli
8 Ammo! Okato Tareekhu
9 Chala Bagundi
10 Maavidaakulu
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