10 A.R. Rahman Milestones That Define His 25 Year Long Musical Journey

10 A.R. Rahman Milestones That Define His 25 Year Long Musical Journey

26 Mar 18 @ 1:37 PM | By Ravi

He’s a composer, singer, director, songwriter, lyricist, arranger, philanthropist par excellence; he is called Isai Puyal, Mozart of Madras, music maestro A.R. Rahman is probably India's most famous and biggest icon in the world of mainstream music. His musical journey of 25 years is a reminsent of his work which have enthralled each and every music lover in the world. His awards, honours and accomplishments speak volumes of his dedication and discipline which all began in 1992 with Roja. To commemorate his completion of 25 years in the music industry, we take a look at his 10 biggest accomplishments which brought a new idiom and vocabulary to Indian film music.

  1. Awards, Honours & Nominations That Speak For Itself

    Ever since he won his first award for composing the music for Mani Ratnam’s Roja in 1992, A.R. Rahman has been synonymous with awards. The maestro has gone to bag almost all popular music awards in the world including Oscars, Grammy, BAFTA, Golden Globe, India’s National or Filmfare awards. He just seems to be unstoppable with the honours and felicitations bestowed upon him. One can’t imagine where he’ll end.

  2. Roja Opened The Doors For The Maestro

    Mani Ratnam’s Roja opened the doors for this musical genius who never looked back ever since. His soundtrack for Roja is still so refreshing that no one can imagine that he had composed it 25 years ago. No wonder the soundtrack was listed in TIME's ‘10 Best Soundtracks’ of all time in 2005. 

  3. Lagaan Soundtrack Ranked Among The Greatest

    Talk about world’s all-time greatest soundtracks and Rahman’s compositions not among them aren’t possible. His compositions for Lagaan which became chartbusters in 2001 is ranked at No. 45 on Amazon.com's ‘The 100 Greatest World Music Albums of All Time’ list in 2009. A rare feat indeed.

  4. Listed Among World’s Most Influential People

    The Mozart of Madras was listed among ‘World's Most Influential People’ in 2009 by Time’s magazine. His inclusion came as no surprise for his followers and fans who’ve been in awe of his music ever since the songs of Roja made it to the top of the charts in 1992.

  5. A Street In Ontario Named After Him

    The A.R. Rahman fever gripped the world in a big way including Canada which named a street in Markham, Ontario, Canada (close to downtown Toronto), after him in his honour in November 2013. Canada presented him with the honour in commemoration of 100 years of Indian Cinema.

  6. Remains In Exclusive Elite Company

    He became the first Indian musician to perform at the White House on an invite from former US President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama. Jai Ho, the documentary based on his life and journey of winning the Oscar and Grammy was screened at the White House. The documentary explored the evolution of his style of music which has been a fusion of Eastern and Western technology.

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  8. Passing On The Legacy To The Next Generation

    He set up the K.M. Music Conservatory, an academy for aspiring musicians at Chennai. The conservatory has come to be known as an institution where one explores, learns, experiments and transfers music in all forms. Rahman once said that music is all about transporting people; speaking a language that languages often fail to express. It is such thoughts that keep this maestro going.

  9. The Rahman Juggernaut At Its Peak

    His record sales of albums and songs talk volumes about his worldwide popularity. He is one of the most popular musicians having record sales of more than 200 million albums worldwide with composing soundtracks for over 100 Indian films including Tamil, Hindi and English.

  10. Music Has No Language Barriers

    He is probably the only music composer to have recorded songs in nearly 13 languages including Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Telugu, English, Kannada, Mandarin, Persian, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Sinhalese and Japanese.

  11. Conquest For Conquering Greater Heights

    In 2004, he became one of the world’s top-selling recording artists when he sold almost 200 million cassettes and 150 million recordings of his soundtracks. His Airtel signature line was then the world’s most downloaded music with 150 million downloads making him one the world’s most iconic and followed musician.