5 Qualities of Nani That Make Him The Natural Star He Is Today

21 May 18 @ 2:53 PM | By Sai


In general, almost every other house has someone by the name of ‘Nani’ present in their family. It is a common nick name we give our siblings or parents give their kids. And it is this name that made us all connect with Naveen Babu Ghanta aka Nani in the first place. With a boy next door looks and his natural reactions to situations, Nani had everything right to make it into the hearts of all Telugu audiences. There are many actors who get opportunities to debut on silver screen, but rarely do you come across actors who surprise you every time you walk into a theatre. Unlike most of his contemporaries, Nani has come into the industry as one from the audience and he only knew one thing. To entertain the audience. With a great success rate and some of the best performances, Nani looks like he is very much here to stay and to give us some great movies.


His versatility in acting

Though he had his share of bad films, Nani always chose roles that were challenging as well as convincing to believe. Pick any movie character of his and we’re sure you are bound to fall in love with his charm and wit in tackling a particular character. A modest guy that he is, it has been his roles that did the talking, making him in no time one proud actor that Telugu cinema will always boast of.

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His choice of movies

Just to remind you here, let’s take a brief look at Nani's filmography. From Ashta Chemma, Bheemli Kabaddi Jattu, Ala Modhalaindi, Pilla Zamindar to Eega, Paisa, Jandapai Kapiraju, Yevade Subramanyam, Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha, and Gentleman, he has been the right actor in the right place and at the right time. He very well knows his audience pulse. It’s simple, they need smart entertainment and Nani caters purely to that.

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His modesty

This previous RJ and assistant director for Bapu never boasts neither cribs about his contemporaries in the industry. His modesty is shown even in accepting roles like the one in Eega, where he barely has a screen presence of 15 mins or launching a trailer of his co-actor (Vijay Deverakonda’s Pellichoopulu) just because he requested him on a friendly note.

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His Natural approach towards each character

Have you observed why he is called a Natural Star? Though it may sound a bit too abnormal to tag a title to this actor, Natural Star is the closest thing that one could come up with. And the reason being his natural reactions to situations in the movies. There is nowhere you can feel, he has over acted or over done anything. He just sticks to being himself as the character and that’s what his strength is.

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He brings that connection through his social friendly nature

Considering the fame and name he is enjoying right now, have you heard Nani getting into any controversies with anyone? Have you heard any gossip about this guy? And whenever he makes any public appearances, you can always see him wear a genuine smile. Yes, agreed that he is an actor and has to maintain that, but when you come across him as a person, all those barely matter and you just can’t stop yourself from loving this guy. He brings in some sort of connection through not just his characters in movies, but as a guy who is one among us.

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