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Pycker is all about getting to know and staying updated on what's happening in the world of entertainment. A one-stop solution to your unending searches on Movie related information on the web.

1. What is Pycker?

Pycker is an entertainment platform which aims at providing you all the latest and most relevant information on entertainment. The idea of creating Pycker is to enable users to explore, discover and share useful information about movies and celebrities with a variety of features.

2. Who we are?

We are a crazy bunch of movie fanatics who love to watch, think, eat, sleep and talk movies. We are passionate about films and collecting, curating & aggregating every bit of useful and relevant film information from its 'first clap' to 'digital premiere' that users are looking for. If you are as much an entertainment buff as us, then Pycker is the perfect destination for you.

3. Why Pycker?

Pycker provides you the best available information and articles on movies and celebs. It helps users to...

  • Explore, Read, Contribute, Follow your favorite movies & celebrities
  • Streamline entertainment information
  • Eliminate Clutter of Online Search
  • Reduce time spent sifting through volumes of entertainment related information
  • Form like-minded people and communities
  • Generate better search results &decision-making capabilities
  • Review & rate movies

4. What Pycker comprises of?

Pycker houses a collection of Movie Channels which comprise of Movie & Celebrity Profiles, News, Trailers, Online Movies, Interviews, Photo Gallery, Music, Articles and much more.

  • Movie Channel - Is defined as a classified section, which belongs to a particular movie language. A channel consists of innumerable Movies and movie related News, Reviews, Stills, Music, Videos, etc. E.g.- Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, Hollywood, etc.
  • Movie Profile - Every 'A to Z' detail of a movie that users are looking for
  • Celebrity Profile - Every must know fact of a celebrity on and off the screen
  • News - All the latest and significant happenings in the entertainment industry
  • Articles - A unique collection of top trending stories on movies, stars, their fashion trends, beauty tips, lifestyles, and more

5. Which Channels are available?

Currently, Pycker comprises of Five Channels - Tollywood (Bangla), Tollywood (Telugu), Bollywood (Hindi), Kollywood (Tamil) & Mollywood (Malayalam). Very soon, we'll be expanding Pycker's entertainment horizon by introducing many other channels.

6. What does a Movie channel comprise of?

A Movie Channel page comprises of...

  • Latest News
  • Latest Pictures, Trailers, Music Albums, Full Movies, Events, Comedy Videos, Video Songs, Interviews
  • Latest Articles
  • Now Playing & Coming Soon Movies
  • Trending Celebrities & Birthdays

7. What does a Movie profile comprise of?


It comprises of everything about the respective movie, namely - Release Date, Genre, Length, Plot, Cast and Crew. It also consists of the following -

  • News- A collection of all the updates about the latest happenings related to the film
  • Critics Reviews- A collection of all the popular critic reviews across the web for the movie where users can vote their favourite reviews to help users to know the top reviews of the movie
  • User Reviews- A list of reviews and ratings posted by users for a movie
  • Cast & Crew- All core cast & crew members will be listed here
  • Gallery- A collection of all the photo albums of the respective movie
  • Music- A hub which helps you to:
    • Listen: Croon to the movie songs, pooled from different sites, for free or by paying a premium
    • Buy Music: Purchase the music of the movie from the vendor sites
    • Video Songs: Allows you to watch all the Video songs of the movie
    • Lyrics: Read the lyrics of the songs of the movie
    • Reviews: Skim through the music reviews of the movie
  • Videos- All the film's latest video clippings and snippets where you'll find
    • Trailers: It houses teasers, promos, theatrical trailers, etc.
    • Online Movie: Watch the movie online, which are amassed from various sites, for free or by paying a premium
    • Events: A subsection which consists of the movie events' videos such as audio launches, success meets and others.
    • Interviews: A set of URL's which display interviews conducted with stars, crew members, promoters, public reactions, etc. related to the movie
    • Comedy: A collection of URL's that showcase the comical moments and funny side of the movie
    • Others: A set of videos that are related in some way to the movie but doesn't fall in any of our listed sub-categories

8. What does a Celebrity profile comprise of?

It comprises of all the relevant information about his/her Biography, News, Filmography, Upcoming Movies, Videos, Photos, Awards, etc.

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